A beautiful, more alluring smile can be the beginning of a happier, more successful lifestyle.

What is considered beautiful has a lot to do with balance and symmetry between various elements?

A face with each side identical in shape and size is considered more beautiful than one in which side is not.

We must also keep in mind that beauty is always a subjective thing. When it comes to the face, beauty is a composite of physical balance of parts of the face and mouth and for the most part the confidence and inner glow of the person you are looking at.

In addition to the obvious benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in increasing self esteem and confidence, there are several health benefits that are a part of good cosmetic work.

Teeth, when properly aligned, don't wear down as quickly. There is less stress since teeth are not impacting on one another. Teeth are easier to clean, gums are healthier and there is less risk of decay and infections that can result from decay.

Here are a few things that go into creating that perfect smile. There are many other elements that go into creating the perfect smile, but this will give you some idea of what the cosmetic dentist takes into account when designing your smile.

This illustration shows a face that is balanced and well proportioned :

Eyes and smile are parallel to each other

The lateral incisor (B-C) is ideally 60% of the width of the central incisor (A-B). The canine (C-D) should be 60% of the width of the lateral incisor.

This illustration shows the size relationship between the upper front teeth which are the most important teeth in anyone's smile.

If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry, please feel free to call our office and we will attempt to answer all of your questions.

Recent surveys show that more people notice another's smile over any other facial feature.

How well balanced your face is, is a key factor in what is considered to be attractive.
A balanced smile with teeth aligned with the shape of the mouth makes a smile more attractive.
Every smile is unique and after cosmetic dentistry is completed should appear as a natural part of your face.