A man who works with his hands is a labourer,

A man who works with his hands and brains is a craftsman,

A man who works with his hands and brains and his heart is an artist.

  -Dr.Poonam Khatryry


This Website is created

To give the patients information about the remarkable advances that has been made in our treatment of various dental conditions and diseases.

To present the patient-centered treatment philosophy.

To introduce our highly qualified Dental Team.

To maintain a positive dentist- patient relation, communication and continuous support for the patients.

To promote the understanding and learning of Dental Health.


Attractive Teeth in their Natural Beauty

No specialty in human medicine can claim such rapid evolution of knowledge and techniques as dentistry. As a result of this, patient demands and expectations on the team of dentists are justifiably rising to preserve or restore for life a functional organ of mastication with attractive teeth in their natural beauty.

Dentistry at the State-of-the-Art

Against that background Dr. Poonam Khatry has decided to establish the Speciality Dental Clinic in Mumbai in India. Here dentistry is being offered and performed according to the state-of-the-art. In our quest for the best we start where others have left off.

Our Vision :  World's Best Dentistry

It is our vision to set up a clinic where patients experience the best possible dental treatment according to the latest state-of-the-art by dentists who are among the world's best. Patients should feel at ease in a pleasant and comfortable environment, taken care of by professional, friendly and attentive staff.

For Our Patients

Our hope is that the visitors of this Website will gain a better understanding of our modern cosmetic dentistry and will feel the excitement in the achievement of oral health.

Meeting the expectations of patients and fulfilling all their wishes and needs is our uppermost maxim. In general the dentistry and the services being offered are hardly to be compared with any other so far known in the world…